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Old School and the New Apprentices


Sawdust, diesel, and smoke... time to open the garage doors and air this one out. Tunes by The Allman Brothers, Black Keys, and more.

26 tracks
4 comments on Old School and the New Apprentices

I really love the thought behind this mix. it seems some work was done to blend mellow, hard, ballad, and rock from different types of artists that make up my favorite era of music from around the time I was born until I was a youngster with an older sister who told me to turn off the pop station and listen to her records which have been blowing my mind ever since. of course in those days you could hear everything from the bee gees to glen Campbell to the doobie brothers on pop stations which now looking back is a lot better than these ad driven same songs every day stations they have today. but thanks for bringing me back to the days of my youth!

Thanks man. Means a lot. I grew up with this type of vibe thanks to my folks and this mindset has always been a part of who I am. Glad you connected with it as well. Cheers :)