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buried in water


a jazz playlist for elizabeth in burial at sea ep. 2

1. a bi/rd in a gild/ed cage
2. l/a vi/e en ro/se
3. apr/il in pa/ris
4. i lov/e p/aris
5. j/ust a-sitt/in' and a roc/kin'
6. aft/er yo/u've g/one
7. la me/r
8. betwee/n the de/vil and the de/ep bl/ue se/a
9. my he/art belon/gs to da/ddy
10. wh/at is this thi/ng call/ed lov/e
11. go/d bl/ess the ch/ild
12. ac/e in the ho/le
13. dre/am a littl/e dre/am of m/e
14. gloo/my su/nday
15. ho/w dee/p is the oc/ean

art cred: http://inorheona.tumblr.com/

15 tracks