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The Wind Whistles a Lullaby


“Here,” she said after flipping through the book, “is an erhu. It is an instrument of two strings played with a bow. It is a wondrous instrument, akin to that of the violin. An erhu sings with the same notion upon encountering an oasis after a week wandering in the Great Desert. Its voice shall entice you to rest your head upon silken pillows basking in the stars’ glow while the wind whistles a lullaby."
-- dedicated to Hannah

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Great Mix (: Do you know where I could download this version of Speak Softly Love, it's amazing but I can't find it anywhere

Man. I did a LOT of digging to, and the only thing I could really find is that song is in Huang Jiang Qin and Wang Jun's album "The First Element VIII"--which is an album originally recorded in China I believe. From what I understand, it was loosely based off of Speak Softly Love song from "The Godfather"--but who's to say for sure. Email me at theswanebula@gmail.com and I'll give you more information I have!