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Act One - Thalia Goldhammer


Born into glory, power, and secrets.
Ambition, greed, and unflinching determination were the foundation on which House Goldhammer was built, and the lessons it taught its children.

Thalia knows blades better than she knows her own hands, how to spin a lie better than she knows her own mind. She is a proper lady, nobility and elegance in its pinnacle, and under that, she is a Goldhammer, through and through. She knows how to wield influence, how to twist the world around her to her whims. What she wants, she gets. What her father and mother want, she gives.

But the fairy tale must end, and the dreams shatter in the face of truth. There is no happy ending when you discover you are not a queen, just a pawn. Thalia Goldhammer dies in the dark, and someone else walks away without her name.

13 tracks
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