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Act Three - Just Rune


Born into raw honesty, into a need for understanding, into shattered endings and broken beginnings.
"Just call me Rune," she says when she takes off the mask. She feels small, like she felt the first time she saw the stars, the first time she saw the sea. And maybe that's all she needs to be.

Rune Goldhammer, Princess, Kingslayer, Seeker, Hero. She can be whatever, whoever, she wishes. All she wants to be is someone who does what's right. She makes her choices, and finds the spark of a real person under all the lies.
So Rune, proud and elegant, rough and vulgar, is honest. And truth tastes funny the first few times she tells it. But she sees the dangers ahead, sees all that is at risk, and knows she must be trusted. She will claim her truth, and build an identity around it.

14 tracks
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