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Act Two - Runesinger


Born into paranoia, guilt, shame.
The Dwarf without a name runs, hides, tries to be- not better. Different.

She cuts her hair, starves herself, forces her posture into unnatural casualty. She loses the polish of her voice and vocabulary. She celebrates scars and callouses, hands losing their softness as she works hard for the first time. She lets herself be new, renamed: Runesinger. The name, like the scar, is a deviance from the past. It fits well the shape she's contorted into.

Now she walks with the others, she spins them lies, sells them her false identity. But the mask begins to fracture, and their path points home. Runesinger will have to face the name she left in the dark, the flaws in her new self, the truth. She learns that when you run, you never really leave the past behind.

13 tracks
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