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Bury My Crown


~ NaNoWriMo 2016 playlist ~

Freydis Gunnarsdottir feels like she is drowning. The only daughter of a powerful Jarl, heir to the Valigoth city of Fellstrond, she has been defined her entire life by her duties, responsibilities, and the expectations others have of her. Struggling against her warrior culture, and the prophecies that cast her as the commander of armies, she refuses to wear a bloody crown, and hopes she can negotiate peace with their enemies.

While preparing for a hunting trip with her cousin, a caravan of Elves arrives in Fellstrond, injuried, fearful, and speaking of an army gathering in the south. A young Changeling witch among them tells Freydis she is destined to be called upon by Fate, and soon her world changes in ways she can hardly imagine...

8 tracks
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