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☽ You Complete Me ☼


Playlist for Jera'suinn and Jan'acien, the eldest.

Father always expected her devotion, Mother encouraged her ambition, her brothers and sister tried her patience, and Jan'acien... well. Her twin was always the eye of the storm, her anchor and her tempest all at once.

Father always relied on his obedience, Mother always told him she was proud, his siblings made his life rich, and Jera'suinn... well. His twin was always the wild to his calm, a wolf in his forest, his gate to freedom.

Maybe their future was never a path of faith at all, or even the path of the wild. Maybe their future was always meant to be their constant, their twin, their perfect match. But if they speak of it, acknowledge the truth behind their teasing humor... it makes it all real.

Would that be so wrong, though?

24 tracks
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