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blossoming years

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@hicrystal i'll get you some tissues :'D and omg!! you're the one who made the 그남 그여 playlist I listened to it a lot last year & it introduced me to so many k songs and artists!! so ty for that, this fab playlist wouldn't be here w/out your influence ♥ (gonna go listen to it again now)

@swbry aww I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! And I'm so proud to have been a small little part of this fab playlist :DD I'm going to listen to all of YOUR playlists now :]]] <333

i'm in love with this playlist, this is rather awesome and i'm studying and i can finally focus! this turned one of my favorite playlists already !!! congrats on it love, xx

@miraclves oh thank you so much for listening!! I'm very glad you like it and that it helped you c: good luck on your exams too♥