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ladies in love


it can be frustrating when pronouns dont match with your own experiences of love, and queer people singing of their love lives is definitely something to be excited about and encouraged!

Heres some songs that i hope will appeal to ladies in love; for all the gay, bi, pan, queer etc girls who have another beautiful lady on their mind

cover art is by http://kirstendraws.tumblr.com/

(edit) SORRY i didnt cut one of them so it has an outro i fixed that now

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Hey! I'm the Kirsten of kirstendraws. I actually really love this playlist, but I'd appreciate it if you sent me an ask before you used my images. Thanks! (I do really like this playlist though)

@kileha Oh gosh im honestly so sorry about that, the only reason i didn't was because i checked your faq in regards to using your work and thought it was ok as long as it had credit- im so sorry and if i ever wish to use your art again i will absolutely send you an ask beforehand to check

@sweaternymph you know what I see how my faq that was confusing; the fault is mine. don't worry about it you did good and credited me PLUS made a sweet playlist for ladies who like ladies (which I can always dig) you don't have to message in the future because I am just gonna blanket okay it I think. :)