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Villains of the Lost Light


1. The DJD on the hunt
2. Tarn
3. Kaon-
4. Tesarus
5. Helex
6. Trepan
7 Getaway
8. Brainstorm
9. Overlord-
10. Sparkhunter
11. Nickel and Vos
12. Chromedome & Ratchet vs Trepan & Pharma

12 tracks
4 comments on Villains of the Lost Light

FANTASTIC selections, I love that you chose each one for each character. I agree that Getaway's song "Trust Me" is a fantastic pick, and your pick of "Grace for Sale" as Tarn's song made me shiver because IMAGINE TARN'S SINGING VOICE SOUNDING LIKE THAT. HOLY CROW. Anyways I love this, keep up the good work!

Tarn's song is ridiculously well-fitting. Jesus Fucking Christ, actual shivers here, boy. -cringes and hides under the bed-