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Things I Want To Say

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I dunno a bunch of stuff Tsukiyama would probably want to say to Kaneki

  • Grenade by Bruno Mars
  • Electric by blushgroup
  • Alors on danse by Stromae
  • Maroon 5 Lucky Strike by Vanessa--
  • Chab Khaled by C'est la vie
  • Talk About You 다운 by 3D SOUND MIKA
  • Mika boum boum boum by Marshall Zeytunyan
  • Addicted (revised Version) by Circus-p-Hatsune Miku English
  • Maroon5 This Love by yosepsuhendar
  • Katy Perry Cover by Unconditional
  • Bruno Mars marry you Remix (prod. By King Free) by KingFree Music
11 tracks
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