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100 songs i love


i absolutely love each and every one of these songs, i really hope you enjoy!

make sure you like and comment on what kind of playlists you want me to make :)

97 tracks
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This is AMAZING! Gives me great vibes... Keep up the GREAT work!! ;) Can you PLEASE post the whole tracklist in the notes section so we don't have to impatiently wait for the next song? lol :/

every time i listen to this and then close the tab and open it again, it starts the playlist right from the start again haha, i really wish i knew what songs were at the end cause i really love all the beginning ones! i think 8tracks is buggy :/

@justinbieber that's exactly what I do :) what I meant was just go about my entire day without talking to anyone and just observing everything around me to this music :D

@priya.parikh it has actually helped me stay on track with school work, twice i week i go to the library and play it from start to finish all the time its on i do homework, maybe you can try something like that, double benefit :) enjoy!