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Driving // Crying


i have been feeling like shit guys, i dont know why my crush wont love me, i know i have attitude issues but fuck man his gf makes me feel like shit, like i look at her and she's not even pretty (not that it should matter that much) but she also doesnt have a nice personality. so im like okay, why the fuck not me? whats so wrong about me that you wont love me?. so what the fuck? i hate this. so anyways HAHAHA here's another sad playlist, this is my "sad drive" playlist. so cry and drive but if it gets too blurry or shaky please pull over, i love you, be careful.

45 tracks
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gorgeous playlist. whatever you're going through, it'll be okay. you'll get through it. people often get blinded in love and don't see what's around them that's better. you're great, you're beautiful, don't lose hope.

i can almost feel what you're feeling through these songs ngl and i feel you friend ,, hope it's gotten better or just screw that guy man , this playlist is a gem