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Some boys don't know how to love - A Young!Mormor's Fanmix


AU - Moran meets Jim when he's a good-for-nothing seventeen years old boy, living alone on his own in New York. Seb can't help but taking care of him.

Cover art belongs to http://reapersun.tumblr.com

10 tracks
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that isnt the source that art was reposted thats from reapersun, and another of pieces on that account was stolen, and im not sure if reapersun(on tumblr) allows people to use their art as covers and im pretty sure they would want permission

@MadGraveyardTeaParty As I'm sure you'll understand, when I find a particular piece of art on the internet I have no way to know inmediately whether it's been stolen or not. I found this on deviantart and linked who claimed to be the owner, that's what I thought it was right. I know nothing else about the matter.

@SweetDestroya http://reapersun. tumblr. com/tagged/mormor/ it is the first thing that pops up in reapersuns mormor tag and it was a gift for some cosplayers and its months and months older then that deviantart post. there is no excuse use reverse image search and common sense, none of thats person art work looked like this and they have a drastically different piece they stole from arkhaminsanity i dont use work as my covers unless i reverse image search it ask the original artist. i used it to find the artist for a piece i had as cover and just got a message back saying i could dont take things from people and pretend smacking a link thats not even right on your repost makes it okay.

@MadGraveyardTeaParty Use what? .-. Sorry, I was unaware that i had to do research investigation work before using a single pic as a cover. Now it's changed. Have a nice day.