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It's Raining Somewhere Else...

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Hi there! I just wanted to say that I stumbled upon your comment on a playlist and totally freaked out! Your current profile picture (the very pink Feferi) was something I drew and posted roughly three years ago when I was 14. It's not a huge deal but it made me very excited and I found it very inspiring to continue posting work in the future. Thank you so much! This playlist is also equally as pleasant as that realization! Have a nice day and keep up the great playlists!

@beepeek Aw, that makes me so happy! I really love the picture, even though I'm not much into Homestuck anymore. It's absolutely adorable! Do you post your art anywhere online? I'd love to check it out and follow you wherever it is. Also, thank you for the kind words about my playlists. It makes me happy to hear that someone enjoys them. : )

@magickroses I used to post on DeviantArt when I was younger under the username of Sweetastea, but haven't in quite some time due to a lack of tablet and other occurrences in life (I'm currently approaching college, haha). Once I get everything in order I'd like to start that up again, possibly with a different account! As for right now, I relatively steadily update my art instagram with the username bumblebeepeek. Thank you so much for the interest! I noticed in your bio you said you enjoy painting. Do you post them anywhere online? If you do, I'd love to check them out/follow the account as well!

@beepeek I love your art! It's so pretty and your style is very pleasing to me. : ) As for me, I've been drawing for a couple of years, but only recently started painting. I've been wanting to post some art online, even if it's just little doodles, but I haven't worked up the confidence yet. Maybe one day. The only thing I have posted is a drawing I did for father's day about 2 years ago? It's buried somewhere on the internet

@magickroses Aww, thank you so much! Also, I'm excited for the day you decide to post something. Feel free to take your time, but when you do, please let me know! (if you want!) : )