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flashlight, flashdark

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This mix is very great for the aftermath that is me after reading this book. It's been like five months and I'm still not over Noah and Brian.

This mix is amazing!! And all the annotations for/to people, I can see it sO CLEARLY... ugh, I'm still a wreck; I finished the book like 2 hours ago and it broke me (also, I am so Noah/Brian weak, it's embarrassing. When I had like 5 pages left and it was still Judes POV, I was like "OH NO!!111 THEY'RE NOT GONNA GET A CONCLUSION AND I'M GOING TO HAVE TO IMAGINE THAT EVERYTHING WORKED OUT WELL IN THE END AND--" and then I got to the second to last page and was just like THANK CLARK GABLE FOR THAT ENDING....)

@nanamuchacho thanks a lot this is so nice!! also i'm glad you actually read and liked the annotations, the mix is prob kinda confusing to people who don't look at them lol

This is just wonderful. Like the book. And hell yes, Noah and Brian sure know how to make readers weak, I've been thinking about them ever since I closed the book yesterday. God, I need a sequel. Or some fanfiction. x

@MissMabelPines thank you so much, and yes the book is SO beautiful. also tell me about it!! there is basically no fanfiction for any pairings at all it's depressing

@punkpatroclus @punkpatroclus (I guess I'm getting addicted to this playlist tbh) The book is plain perfect. It's just so honest and refreshing and right. The best I've read in months. You've really captured the essence of the story in this playlist, I'll make sure to listen to it when reading the book again. And yes, someone NEEDS to write some fanfic. If I weren't so busy, I'd do it myself but I guess that'll have to wait. ^.^ But anyhow, thanks again for making this amazing playlist x