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if you want a bit of love, put your head on my shoulder, it's cool


i am weak for james potter and how much he loves and trusts everybody so i made a mix about it

vaguely in chronological order of his life and most of the songs are just generally about his relationships but the ones meant for specific people are noted in the annotations!

21 tracks
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Best James Potter playlist, by far. Always gold and I'm crying, Remus is my angel, JAmes was so good and too pure oh mygod emotions are here okay thank YOU!!!!

The playlist in itself is already very good and really fits James, but when reading the annotations it just becomes painful and i just don't know what to do, but yeah it's really good and thank you so much for making it ^.^

This is actually the greatest playlist on this website. The annotations absolutely killed me. Congratulations on getting James character 100% correct. It's 3 am here and Always Gold is making me cry because Hogwarts was home and all that Remus needed and James always thought he was gold. You kill me. Thank you. Ugh. (This comment is so choppy but I don't have the emotional capacity to care so thanks a lot)