Winter, 25, queer grey-ace. Gaming nerd and Creative Writing student who writes, crochets, and paints while listening to a lot of music and creating mixes for characters, scenes, and stories.

Current in-progress works:
- "Coffee At 3 AM" - A modern fantasy new adult novel featuring a f/f witch/vampire romance relationship, their identity exploration, discovery, and acceptances, and their time-traveling to a future where their new friend's kingdom is under threat of utter disaster.
- "Underneath the Lights So Bright" - A modern fantasy Christmas new adult novel featuring a f/f/m polyamorous romance between an elf, a human girl, and Santa's oldest son and their built-up life in the North Pole alongside ousting a plot to turn Santa's Workshop into Santa's sweatshop.

Planned works:
- "Restoring the Spirit Worlds" - A philosophical modern fantasy new adult sequel to "Coffee At 3 AM" featuring the relationship between a dead girl and Death and her journey through the various Spirit Worlds in order to discover her true purpose and make an ultimate choice between remaining in the Worlds with Death as her love and companion or returning to life.
- "Between The Dimensions" - A science fantasy young adult novel series, the first of which features several different relationships, from f/f to m/m to f/m and in-between and is set in a future where Earth is under threat of annihilation by a group of entropy-promoting magicians, which a girl must go through different dimensions and pasts in order to stop.
- "Winterland: Pendragon's Light" - A high fantasy young adult/new adult novel series, the first of which features several different relationships, from f/m to f/f to m/m and in-between and takes place in a world that's been separated from the rest of itself due to a magical spell gone awry which requires a girl and the help of her newfound friends in order to be repaired.

Completed works:
- "Snowfall: A Holiday Romance" - A modern fantasy short story set in the same world as "Coffee At 3 AM" in which a girl falls in love with a snowperson she created and accidentally brought to life with unknown magical powers.

I also have an anthology on my Wattpad entitled "Together At Last," which includes all of my completed pieces of flash fiction I've written to date.