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Boss Fight


high octane video game ost tracks to get you through your toughest fights.

ft. super smash bros, shadow of the colossus, bastion, transistor, fire emblem, okami, legend of zelda, final fantasy, mass effect

  • Super Smash Bros Brawl Final Destination by JuansChapel
  • Blinded by Light by Final Fantasy XIII
  • Suicide Mission by Jack Wall
  • Winged Angel by One
  • The Opened Way Battle With The Colossus by Kō Otani
  • Demise of the Ritual ~Battle With the Colossus~ by Daniel Guerra Diaz
  • Revived Power ~Battle With the Colossus~ by Daniel Guerra Diaz
  • The Dark Colossus Destroys All by Spike Dragon
  • Transistor Original Soundtrack by Darren Korb
  • Mine, Windbag, Mine by Bastion [OST]
  • 「I」 ~ 望 by Nintendo
  • The Sun Rises by 近藤嶺
  • Koloktos/Moldarach by Jupies
  • Super Smash Bros. Theme by SSB X Sound Team
14 tracks
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