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War Drums


"Swaying to the beat of the war drums in our chests, we prepare for battle. Armor clangs and weapons shine. I will take your heart. It will be mine."

A mix for when you need to turn ordinary life into a movie, or when you need some writing inspiration.

<3 xx

  • Asgard by Brian Tyler
  • Nero by Two Steps From Hell
  • Battle At Sea by Lorne Balfe
  • Blackheart by Two Steps From Hell
  • On The Horizon by Brian Tyler
  • As We Watch The Burning Embers Fall Gently To The Ground by The Most Epic Music
  • Skyrim Main Theme by Jeremy Soul
  • Game of thrones main theme by Vector Productions
  • Erupting Light by Hildur Gu-nadóttir
9 tracks
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