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modern fem singers


Some women vocalists who I think showcase a spectrum of music styles and female voices! The playlist opens with some male/female duos to exhibit beautiful harmonies and to get you adjusted if you don't usually listen to female singers. Sounds best with headphones or good speakers! See my commentary in the comments :)

15 tracks
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1. beautiful folk harmonies
2. simple song (mostly guitar surprisingly) with A+ vocals
3. synth-pop couple with nice beats
4. fresh canadian rock & roll!! peter's voice can be intimidating at first, but it works as an interesting juxtaposition with leah's vocals! i recommend listening to lola + joseph by them as well.
5. more synth-pop, but more 80s. if you didn't know, they are two Canadian lesbian twins. this background info should give you insight on the lyrics:-)
6. a cover of a 1971 T. Rex song, featuring Sunflower Bean's signature guitar sound. I definitely recommend listening to their album, amazing young talent
7. in my opinion, one of her best songs. it shows the range of her voice and has her signature cinematic, nostalgic feel (not sure what i'm nostalgic about though)
8. dua's voice has a unique deepness and i think it works for her! i would gladly dance to her music if it were played in (and if i went to) clubs
9. the keyboard definitely adds an interesting aspect to this song when you pick up on it. marina is a talented lyricist - pay attention to the words, it'll make you think more about society
10. more 80s-sounding synthpop!! a bop! i wish i was in a sister band trio!
11. i like the clarity of kelly's vocals in this song
12. when sweden does americana music better than america
13. florence welch is amazing. i love the emotion in this song, but i recommend listening to other songs off her most recent record to appreciate her full range!
14. really beautiful indie-pop. the studio version does not do her justice - you need to watch the triple j live version of this on youtube right after you're done with this, she is UNREAL
15. a song with a more soul-feel i wouldn't expect from rihanna. i think she does it justice though