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We Lost Faith In War

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"They streaked through the sky and for a moment we all just stopped and stared. The bombs began to drop, the fire raged behind me, and even then I let my death happen on my own terms. I was the first to jump."

An instrumental playlist to accompany The Monster of Madness; these are the songs I listen to when I write the story.

  • Dawn [Beautiful Intense Emotional] by Arn Andersson
  • Evanescence by Arn Andersson
  • Starchild by HannesJohansson, Composer
  • Mistress Of The Burning Light by atlas music
  • VI: The Place Where Dreams Live by Seycara Orchestral
  • Inspiration by Lucas King
  • Departure (Rick Horrocks) by EpicMusicVn
  • Non Omnis Moriar by Alexandros Nikolaidis
  • Arn Andersson by Devastation
  • Together As One by James Paget Music
  • War Mantra by Cruciform
  • The Last Man by Clint Mansell
  • The Surface Of The Sun by Anny Daisy
  • The End by John Murphy
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