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SYL_Collective's "Best Is Yet To Come"


Classics ranging mostly from the 30's-60's. Songs listed in alphabetical order....backwards. I figured I would throw some oldies together and get warmed up for the new chapter in my musical journey. I apologize it's taken me so long to create a new mix. I just moved into a new place and have begun a beautiful life full of creativity and love and I am so ready to share it with all of you.

26 tracks
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This is so badass. :) I love reading your conversations with Phil. I know it may sound weird, but I feel that I know you both a little better just from seeing your relationship develop here on 8tracks. It is so wonderful to see the strangest of places bring so much happiness. This mix is so fantastic for me right now. Full of love and happiness!! My name is Nico, it is a pleasure to now become part of your musical journey and see where it goes from here!! <3

@nulkmad That is too funny! You have been spying on us. :P It makes me wonder now how many others be creeping on the comments. That's totally cool though and it's awesome how this place brings us all together. I am so happy you are enjoying this mix. I love the always puts me in a good mood. HI NICO! I'm Krissy and I love most of your mixes so far. You are quite talented. I'm sure we will have a fantastic musical journey together. :) <3 Thanks for all the loveee

@DJ_Serenity It is such a pleasure to make your acquaintance! I am also very glad you helped. It was a very fun night for me, studying. :) I am on Ella Fitzgerald. :P I am studying tonight too! Haha, it is time to finish this up. Oh! Also, I read somewhere on one of Phil's playlists that your birthday is soon. Am I correct? If so, happy early//belated birthday! As far as my musical taste, it is quite diverse. I don't even know if I have a taste haha, well, except country :P Unless it is country psychedelic, that's okay. ;) I just made a fun little journey playlist. I love epic instrumental music. It puts me in such a great mood. So much imagination. Anyway, I am blabbering. I will let you know the rest of the set goes! Cheers!!

Awesome! It's so nice to share music with people from around the world. I hope it helps you with your studies. It's going to be my 24th birthday on July 19th. I am super excited, thinking of taking a day trip down to the beach and then 2 days later I'm actually seeing Rush live for the first time. It's their 40th anniversary tour. Thanks for the birthday wishes though. You sound like me when it comes to music. I am pretty open minded as well and can usually find something in each genre of music. I have just recently the past year or two started listening to instrumental music more. I've always been a big into lyrics kind of gal being a writer and all but I LOVE it all. Hopefully I'll get around to checking out more of your mixes. I have a few in my "Listen Later" I know for sure. Thanks for stopping by and chatting me up. <3