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SYL_Collective's Electro-Swing Frenzy

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So glad I just had my medicine. Well with my new streaming restrictions I got to listen to some but definitely not all. It is so frustrating that it skips so many songs. I always like your playlists and always will. This shit is driving me sane much prefer insane. Btw loved what I got to listen to.

@verrierhill Yeah it keeps skipping songs for me as well. I didn't know that is what you were talking about. It's only really on your mixes though. Maybe something weird is going on with Australia? Whoknows.

@DJ_Serenity I've been talking on forums with them what it is the big record labels have limited songs on playlists streaming outside of the U.S. Whether your listening or making playlists. What this means is anybody outside of the U.S. doesn't get to listen to the whole playlist! Anyone listening to playlists made outside U.S has the same problem. It's the record labels putting these rules on not 8tracks. Don't really understand why but the labels are setting these rules not 8tracks....So frustrating...The biggest thing I don't understand is why I may only get to listen to 2 or 3 tracks then it goes to the next playlist.

@DJ_Serenity I listened to this again and got to listen in full I think. Sensational!!!! Well put together mate... Cheers and have a great day...........

@verrierhill I'm so glad it finally got to play all the way through for you! I was listening to your stay insane playlist and it skipped a bunch of songs but what I heard was fantastic! Maybe if I go back to playlist and play it again it will work this time. :D