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SYL_Collective's Future Soul


I've never even heard of "future" soul until I discovered it a few days ago. I feel SO out of the loop sometimes. Short little mix of some of the favorites I came across browsing around. All new releases this year. 2015.

~8 tracks~

8 tracks
8 comments on SYL_Collective's Future Soul

Paralyzed is dope, and has a nice transition to the Fractures track. Interesting style of music. I am really digging it. Thank you for putting this together! :)

@DJ_Serenity Hello!! Yeah, I have been doing really well. :) How have you been these days? I did really enjoy this mix a lot. Fun stuff!! :D

@nulkmad That's great t hear nulkmad! I've been doing good, life has been crazy, but when is it not? lol just trying to enjoy it best I can. :D glad you dug the mix, I'll have to do another future-soul one again sometime! :D