Sylph of Light
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I probably could've taken this seriously but...
the thing -

  • Solo by Demi Lovato
    o2.) a song you’ve heard live
  • Monster by Imagine Dragons
    o3.) a song that reminds you of your favorite fictional character
  • It's Always a Good Time When You Die Young (Ke$ha vs. Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen) by SmokyWhiteDevil
    o4.) a song that was your middle school/high school anthem
  • Light Your Heart Up by Cheezitzrice
    o6.) a song that would play in the movie trailer of your life
  • Welcome to the Black Parade (Vocals) by Ki77BiLL
  • If You Were Gay by SeñorPacman
    1o.) a song that would be your own country’s national anthem
  • Moonsetter by Homestuck
    11.) a song by an artist you’re not-so-secretly crushing on -lol i dont get crushes have some homestuck instead-
  • Booty Man by Tim Wilson
    15.) a song with lyrics you’d like to tattoo on yourself
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