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awaken, be at birth


follow thy fair sun, unhappy shadow;
though thou be black as night,
and she made all of light,
yet follow thy fair sun, unhappy shadow.

ten pieces of folk and instrumental indie music
inspired by princess celestia

companion piece to
art credit:
poem credit: thomas campion

8 tracks
2 comments on awaken, be at birth

this is a really old mix, and i don't know if you're still active on this site, but i really love this playlist! it gives me a huge vibe of celestia in the olden days of equestria; maybe during medievil times when people worshipped her as a god? anywho, thats the vibe i get from this- i love this a lot!

@teethy it pleases me to see people still enjoy my playlists even after so many years.. i may not be active or much into making mixes anymore, but thank you for your encouraging words. i made this playlist trying to convey a sense of homey folk-ness that celestia tried to convey to her people and her family even as a young god in old equestria.