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wane, be at rest


the moving moon went up the sky.
and nowhere did abide;
softly she was going up,
and a star or two beside.

ten pieces of piano music
inspired by princess luna

companion piece to
art credit:
poem credit: samuel taylor coleridge

11/19/15 finally reworked and published! sorry for the wait! i hope it's still good despite the major changes.

6 tracks
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Nice little audio portrait of Luna. I like how you used some fan-made music and then just some general orchestral music. Also - we don't have enough orchestral MLP playlists on here, so thanks for this!

@lunar_harmonies Aye, thanks, friend! I love MLP inspired orchestral music, and I personally think Princess Luna is a great subject of inspiration when it comes to peaceful orchestra music. I'm considering on doing one for Princess Celestia as well, too!