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Tick Tock


Soundtrack for the novel I'm writing for NaNoWriMo, whatever it will be. Based on the story of a particular object, so to speak.

  • Detektivbyrn Nattoppet by fluidstonefella
    The Watchmaker
  • (Itsumo Nando demo) (Spirited Away) Joe Hisaishi by minmichyo
    The Child
  • Desperado(MR) by Eagles
    The Highwayman
  • America cover by Hughes & Jump by A horse with no name
    The Native
  • Blindness by metricmusic
    The Victim
  • TempoShark by Temposhark
    The Tycoon
  • Someone To Watch Over Me by maancalilong
    The Seeker
  • The Great Beyond by R.E.M.
    The Wise One
  • Minor Swing by user989101
    The Swinger
  • Hatsune Miku Leave In Summer Yet Youre In My Fluffoughts by MadameHalcyon
    The Collector
  • Last Carnival by Acoustic Cafe
    The Writer
  • Blue Lips by Regina Spektor
    The Soldier
  • blackbird (beatles) by benbang
    The Teacher
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