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Synthfreek's Introduction To Fax Records & Pete Namlook


15 tracks from the famed Fax label. Tetsu Inoue, Pete Namlook, Jonah Sharp, etc. One of the most influential electronic labels of the last 20 years. Great chillout music for unwinding, meditation and mind-wandering.

15 tracks
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That is my one gripe with spotify -- I absolutely love the FAX label's many genius albums, inc. Namlook and Inoue. They lend themselves to so many repeat listenings that a decade in to listening to them i'm still a child with wide eyes and EARS.

Great to find... Namlook is so great, a true pioneer who i have loved since picking up fax compilations 1 & 2 at amoeba in berkeley back in the day... Hunting him down on ebay and napster etc i must dust off those old cds & get them back into rotation space. Silence for ex. & the 3 w R Hawtin