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"these fragments i have shored against my ruins."


"are you kidding? i'm right behind you."

a (mostly) happy shakarian mix, inspired by how much i missed our favorite turian when i romanced thane in my latest playthrough of the series.

credit for the cover art for this mix goes to the lovely :)

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Definitely my favorite - and in my opinion best and most flushed out - Shakarian playlist. And also just Mass Effect in general, cause I'm trash that way and have 2 soundtracks running at all times when playing this game.

@NerdTrash2.0 oh good golly thanks! i really appreciate you taking the time out to say so, and i think pretty much anyone who finds their way here is mass effect trash, myself included lol

This is my favorite Shakarian playlist, I've been listening to it on my way to work the past few days and it fills me with joy. ❤️

@solusmordin hooooo jeepers thank you! i appreciate it so much. it's hard for me not to feel attached to these two crimefighting nerds and i'm glad you enjoy it <3