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hetalia and homestuck songs i guess. Discord is on here due to it being used a lot with HS and Hetalia u w u

  • Pub & Go by APH England
  • Safe and Sound by Broadway Aradia.
  • Light the Fireplace of the Heart by Yasuhiro Takato
  • Broadway Karkat ft Case by Knight Of Blood Remake
  • United States Of Wwhatevver by Himeko Hiriyama
  • [Axis Powers: Hetalia] Hatafutte Parade (re:mix) by kikisuzuki
  • The Happiest Homestuck Song Ever by Inky
  • Chibitalia ver. by Marukaite Chikyuu
  • The Delicious Tomato Song (South Italy/Romano) by Charbear000
  • [S] Enter by Homestuck
  • The Gypsy Bard (Homestuck Parody) by ashestoashesjc
  • [Female Version] Dub by The Delicious Tomato Song
  • Hey There Harley by Broadway Karkat
  • Hamburger Street [Female Dub] by Fia Orädd
14 tracks