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It's only been 21 years...


good blupjeans playlist for ur soul

i literally have no direction for this playlist its 2 in the morning so theres some happy and sad songs in here that remind me of this Amazing ship

(track 10 is from here http://vocalscorepony.tumblr.com/post/119029924753/click-here-for-the-original-comic-post-3-this )

(cover - https://jeinu.tumblr.com/post/160320775960/i-cant-believe-the-stolen-century-is-the-ultimate )

EDIT: added the forgotten song i meant to put in here at first but was so tired i forgot to click it

EDIT 2: i made this prior ep 66 but im fuckign crying i hte everything im crying over smth i made and just??? hey op? fuck off

10 tracks
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hey i just want you to know that i was zoning out when i started listening but then it hit me and you've broken my heart over "a thousand years" gosh golly

@babitty dbcwhjevbz omg i forgot my actual intentions for the Mood of this playlist but i know i wanted to add hella sad songs into here but theres also then some not sad songs which sorta balances it out

@babitty therewas also supposed to be cosmic love by florence and the machine in here but i was so tired i forgot to include it