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taehyung's playlist


a collection of all the songs taehyung recommended and covered so far (i'll be adding new songs when there's a new cover or a new rec) // (cover art by me) // enjoy!

EDIT: i won't be updating this playlist anymore but i'll be updating this one (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkDpk9FLS4CV_ri0Gmjrk2rd2d-mRHHoO) so if you still want to listen to tae's recs they will all be added there <3

33 tracks
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thanks for making this playlist!! you have no idea how much I love taehyung's music recommendations. so thanks again for making a playlist!!

I studied to this effortlessly, Taehyungs taste in music is truly impeccable. Agh, I didn't think I could like him anymore but this is pulling on my heart strings. Wander if he likes most of these because his voice sounds so similar to these singers...

I'm not gonna lie, I clicked the playlist because the cover art attracted me. ;; So pretty!! I enjoyed this playlist so much. Thank you ;;