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Sally's Mix

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I spent the day listening to this on and off; what a varied and interesting mix! You have very eclectic taste (which I like because so do I) although most artists on here were new for me. I did love to hear 浅川マキ though, she is someone I adore. A Silver Mt. Zion is a new find for me, very intense and interesting song. Thanks for the experience! Oh and by the way I adore your username.

wow thank you so much! it's not much of a thoughtful/balanced mix, rather a sloppy collection of songs i like haha. i think we have a lot of common interests actually (fantasy/fairy tales, weird japan music, faust), excited to listen to your mixes!!!

Oh yes they are all things I love; it's rare and fun to encounter other people who like them too :D Hope you enjoy some of mine; I'd like to hear more mixes from you too!