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EDM Saved My Life


Compilation of some wicked bangers from all genres of EDM. Just a fair warning I'm not responsible for your melted face. Enjoy.

19 tracks
6 comments on EDM Saved My Life

first of all, its not under progressive house, 8tracks automatically catagorizes it under any kind of house because it has the tag house, secondly how about you read the description of the station before you listen to it because i clearly stated it was a MIX of EDM. Make sure you get your facts straight before you post detrimental comments on my mix so you don't end up looking like a complete dumb fuck. FYI if you listen long enough there is house on the playlist, hence the house tag. Stop trying to throw around how much you think you know about EDM and Suck a fat dick. Peace.

Why did you put this playlist under house and progressive house? You just wasted my time with this nonsense playlist of trap when I was looking for house. Maybe next time put the correct tags on it..
k thx bai