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The Way Way Back OST


14-year-old Duncan/Cape Cod/emotional abuse. Susanna/awkward conversation/pink, sparkly girl's bike/exploring the town/staff/Water Wizz/Owen/under his wing/ghost crabs/Pam/suspicion/Trent and Joan/affair/Confrontation/legendary pass/tube slide/Susanna/kisses/Duncan says goodbye

Come into the world
And you go out of the world

15 tracks
8 comments on The Way Way Back OST

I am so absolutely attached to this movie! I've seen it like 14 times! Duncan reminds me so much of my son, and Roddy reminds me of a good friend of mine. I'm absolutely in love with the character of Owen - funny. Oh and yeah, i love the ST! Thanks!

@islachica Sure! the movie left something in my heart as well. sometimes we take life too seriously when it not meant to be.

there are a very few who would appreciate what you have put up here! I am one of them. a great movie, and a brilliant soundtrack!

truly a wonderful movie. one i really enjoyed in a long time. it nice to meet people with similar tastes!
cheers man! thanks for listening!