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Dreamcatcher (featuring the native flute)


A selection of traditional north american aboriginal music featuring the relaxing, meditative sounds of the native flute. Perfect for prayer, meditation, relaxation, healing and sleep.

Image by Katie Shanice.

8 tracks
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@Valérie.K93 Grateful that you took the time to let me know that the mix resonated with you. All the best in your research and studies. Peace.

Awesome! We've been searching for native american music like this for awhile. What a great find. Thank you!

@nena.dieson You're welcome. I'm sorry to hear that such a thing has happened and that so much sorrow has come into your life all at once. I am glad, though, that this little mix of music is helping you to find a little calm and refuge in the midst of the storm. May you find true peace, even as you work the process of grieving.

just what i need to hear to help calm an relax me after a hard wek of loosing 3 deaths in the family this past week, thanku so much for sharing.