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S O L O N G (4 N O W)


So-long to her yet so brief was us.
She’s gone now but how elated I was to dance with such grandiosity again!
Yes, I'll concede I'm to blame. Shame.

She’ll never listen to this, dear listeners, nor will I ever send it her but am posting since I made a selection of tracks most suitable to her tastes; songs she would love.

Press play for another TIOLI space-kraft tune-age day-dream voyage to euphoric planet-love and back again to the depths of reflexive disconsolate solitude.

21 tracks
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To Love another One Must Love The Self First, my dear. You will delete this, and for once I will not listen to your tales of love and woe. But let me tell you the beauty of SelfLove! What an affair! What a romance! I have known no other like it, and let me say - it is the most gratifying. To Loving Yourself With Abandon, I hope your next love letter is to Youself.