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The Bachelor & His Graces

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Spin the record again,
I couldn’t see the tops of the trees man.
Until Lee sang his tune just for me,
Rain smothered our humanity.
Swing on that cherry pie smile.
I’ll admit to get to the top it took more than a while.
Two homies lost in the forest,
Forgetting about anything that could make them feel less.
Less than the obscure sense,
Senses of smell would unravel the tense.
Picture perfect man with his two women,
Who shall give him the ultimate ten?
He can never choose between serenity and curves,
Maybe this time he will see more than hers.
Let’s help him make the choice that will fixate,
; The rummage between his being versus fate.
The bachelor and his graces,
; Stemming from godlike places.
Yes this is a story about trees,
No different from you and me.
Hear me when I land my arms around your brownish stature,
Let me in to the power I have yet to capture.
Standing tall alongside the women who hold you down,
J’s heaven breaks down the choice so cryptically,
I behave like there is an answer more like a soliloquy.
When in truth these games will only tire,
Life, my life, likeness will expire.
I love thee tree,
More than he,
; Or she.
The bachelor and his graces,
Ah the bachelor and his graces!
Fill the open spaces,
That will always remain his.