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What's Wrong With a Little Chaos?

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I wanted to tell you for ages how perfect this mix is. Not only it fits Bellamy so well, it's also a compilation of the most awesome and varied music ever. I've listened to it while writing, editing, tidying my room ... and it's just amazing. Thank you very much, you have a great taste hehe. :D

@takemetothegeeks cSo now, half a year later I have to thank you again. I started to expressively listen to the X Ambassadors in the summer. I really liked "Jungle" in your playlist and ALL THAT ROCK so yeah, I went to Spotify and realised their other songs are perfect as well (not really rocky though, more like Imagine Dragons). I knew they would be playing in my hometown in February but I was like, yeah, you've got exams to write, so stop dreaming. But then! Then they got weirdly popular here and I got their album for Christmas and, ahem, trendsetting-wise I thought that it would be ridiculous NOT to go to that concert! ^^ I asked a friend of mine to come with me and he said yes and that's how I spent an awesome evening in a small club with ~300 people at the most, dancing my head off and being just INCREDIBLY HAPPY. And I'm not telling you this to make you jealous, rather I would like to thank you again for introducing me to this music. There are such an awesome band! If you have the chance, visit one of their concerts, the atmosphere is SO WELL LOOSEND and there are much rockier than on record! Seriously, I love you forever for this playlist and attracting my attention. :D I wish you all the best!

@enele I am so happy to hear that! This is exactly why I love this website. There are countless of artists I have been introduced to here that I listen to constantly now! Music is supposed to be shared -- it's a common language in the world and a piece of another person's soul. I am just so glad that I could introduce you to a new artist.