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beautiful, calm, nostalgic tracks from studio ghibli. [mix of piano, orchestra, and vocal tracks]

  • いつも何度でも by Joe Hisaishi
  • 11 - Toki ni wa mukashi no hanashi wo (from Porco Rosso) by BiYao200
  • 03. Kaze Ni Naru [From The Cat Returns] by wony1
  • 君をのせて by スタジオジブリ
  • 06 - Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta Nara by BiYao210
  • 朝ごはんの歌 by 手嶌葵
  • Tonari No Totoro (Piano) by Ezra Ozaki
  • Sayonara No Natsu (Goodbye summer) by Piano Version
  • Inochi No Namae (The Name Of Life) by Spirited Away
  • Katagi16 by Kiki
  • 02 - The Promise of the World (from Howl's Moving Castle) by BiYao193
  • Umi no Mieru Machi (A Town with an Ocean View) by Kiki's Delivery Service
  • 07 - Kaze no toori michi (from My Neighbour Totoro) by BiYao213
  • One Summer's Day joe hisaishi by Andrés Felipe Gil Lozano
  • Hikoki Gomu by Matsutoya Yumi
  • 6番目の駅 by 久石譲
  • Reprise by 久石譲
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