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2013 (side b: the storm)


my top 42 songs of 2013: a pretty good year for music, minimalist album covers, feminist power pop, flower crowns, and canine memes, and a pretty terrible year for almost everything else. so here's to sending it all out singing, and hoping things are better in 2014.

this is the not even remotely calm side.

part one: http://8tracks.com/tantamoq/2013-side-a-the-calm

tracklist & dl links: http://historiareiss.us/post/71698930328/2013-a-pretty-good-year-for-music-minimalist

21 tracks
2 comments on 2013 (side b: the storm)

Oh my god... I'm screaming internally because it has Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance on. My Chem was a pleasant surprise. Thank you for making this. - A very tearfully happy My Chem fan

thank you... mcr is actually my favourite band so i had to take the chance to cram some.... last.... mcr.... on there.... don t look at me im not crying youre crying