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but counting down the days to go


21 songs for falling sleep in a hospital bed and never waking up again; for losing hope and losing health, and the gradual realization that this is really going to happen; for seeing the entire world become a kübler-ross model around you before you're even gone; and, finally, for letting go.

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20 tracks
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@kadma nvm i want to respond to this comment too. this is one of my favourite mixes i've ever put together, and of all of them, this one and the other you commented on specifically (timelines/heartlines) have what i feel is the strongest actual storyline, and it means a lot to me to get feedback on the ones i put the most effort into, which this was definitely one of. thank you so much for taking the time to really respond and let me know on the mixes you've enjoyed, i don't think anyone realizes how much that can mean to people (or at least to me)!