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immune to the light


21 songs for fear, for power, for wearing a mask to forget who you are beneath it. for the seduction of the dark side. for a boy at war, with the universe, and with no one more than himself. for the little bit that comes bleeding through. for ben solo organa, who still has light in him, and for kylo ren, the monster who wears his skin. a jedi, like his grandfather before him.

tracklist/download: http://cloudstryfe.tumblr.com/post/135945259544/21-songs-for-fear-for-power-for-wearing-a-mask
spiritual companion anakin skywalker/darth vader mix: http://8tracks.com/tantamoq/i-ll-never-be-your-chosen-one

21 tracks
7 comments on immune to the light

i love the connection between this mix and the anakin/darth vader mix. I love how you put anakin on the right and darth vader on the left: from light to darkness and then you have kylo ren vs. ben solo: form darkness to light (hopefully) :D )

@caterinasrb damn 8trax alert system, i totally missed this comment until just now! yes! that was the intent, i'm thrilled someone picked up on that :). thank you so much and i'm glad you enjoyed them

@kylorened oh my gosh thank you so much that's such a sweet comment!!! seriously your comments on my mixes today really brightened an otherwise lousy day. thank you!!!

@dreamerie ahhh thank you so much this is such a wonderful comment to see, i'm unbelievably thrilled to see people's positive feedback on my stuff but especially. i really put al of myself into this one so thank you!!! this means a lot and i'm really glad you enjoyed it