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love will **** us apart


21 songs for that bad breakup you went through, or maybe the one you're still going through, or the one you're on the edge of having all too soon. for when you're sad, or angry, or bitter, or, in the end, just glad it's over. for getting through, getting out, and realising that you so much better off never ever getting back together. (starts off a little more early breakup and mopey but ends up with some fuck-you anthems, and then a denouement of hope, more or less.)

temporary tracklist: http://radiosasha.tumblr.com/private/143953497348/tumblr_o6rrzrXQ211tscu5j
cover art is a placeholder [source: http://www.mads-perch.com/Fabric-Autumn-2013]

tracklist/download post on its way soon

21 tracks
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