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so this is the new year (and i have no resolution) [new year's 2016, side a]


42 songs to listen to on new year's; 21 songs to look back, and 21 to look forward. for regret, for hope, for fear. for love. for all the all the good that won't come out of us. for recovery. i am gonna make it through this year if it kills me.

side b: http://8tracks.com/tantamoq/this-will-be-our-year-took-a-long-time-to-come-new-year-s-2016-side-b
tracklist & downoad: http://outsidersmark.tumblr.com/post/136297170709/i-am-gonna-make-it-through-this-year-if-it-kills

21 tracks
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@ninjalemons thank you so much!! i love making mixes and i take a lot of pride in them, so it means a lot when people take the time to comment and let me know they're enjoying them. honestly, i find a whole lot of the new music that i run into either by listening to other 8tracks mixes, or by googling for songs to put on new mixes i'm working on. i always have a theme i'm working with, so i'll often do hours and hours of research digging through google searches and/or/and then youtube and bandcamp to find new songs to fill out what i already have in my (admittedly substantial) library. some mixes take more looking than others, and when i go looking it can be for anything from songs within a genre i have less of (i got several songs for my transhumanism mix from artists on bandcamp listing themselves as transhumanist or future pop), songs based around a certain theme (and i really go wild with broad searches for this - for this mix, i did grab a few just by running several permutations of "songs about new years'" and similar things and digging through the results until i found what i liked), or often just mashups or covers involving songs i really want to use but aren't quite right for the overall sound i need for a mix. i also find new artists from just seeing songs reblogged on tumblr from time to time, though that's not quite as common a method for me as either listening to other mixes or searching around for songs to use on my own mixes. sorry this got so wordy and i hope that's helpful! i really love mixmaking and i really love finding new music, so for me it's something i am happy to devote quite a lot of time to, and i dig through plenty of music i don't care for or don't use (yet) all the time.