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the stars live within us [part two]


42 songs for the great expanse that stretches out past edgeless, unfathomable depths, far, far beyond our tiny, insignificant, remarkable, beautiful pale blue dot in the endless black, forever unfolding impossibly outwards away from us, and simultaneously within us, and within every atom of our world.

part one: http://8tracks.com/tantamoq/the-stars-live-within-us-part-one
tracklists & downloads: http://cloudstryfe.tumblr.com/post/112458140039/the-stars-live-within-us-42-songs-for-the

20 tracks
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i love this playlist so so much, one question though, where is the first track "humility" from? is it a podcast? id love to hear more of wherever it came from. thank you for a wonderful playlist

@enikooo thank you so much! i'm glad you enjoy it. i believe that piece is carl sagan reading an excerpt from his book "pale blue dot: a vision of the human future in space", but where i got it from specifically was a youtube video. in fact, all of the talking/philosphy pieces are taken from youtube videos. there's actually a whole community on youtube of people who make videos taking scientists and philosophers and setting sections of recordings of them speaking with music, so while i can't point you to something like a podcast, there's plenty to find just by searching carl sagan (or any of the other speakers i've featured, plus plenty more i didn't) on youtube and exploring there. alternatively, you could check out that or any other of his books, or at least excerpts of him reading them which are online.

@lwanggg thank you!! i find often when i post a double part mix a lot of people miss/forget about the second part, so it winds up with significantly less attention/listens/likes than the first part, which is confounding and vexing to me personally, but c'est la vie