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21 songs for lovers lost in time; for doomed timelines, far flung travelers, hearts separated by centuries and caught in unbreakable circuits, and endless efforts to find a happy ending at last.

(tracklist and download info: http://mirchive.tumblr.com/post/60347802273/timelines-heartlines-21-songs-for-lovers-lost)

20 tracks
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@kadma aaaaa that's so nice to hear!! i'm glad you've enjoyed it, and the other mixes you commented on also i really really genuinely super appreciate your comments but i figured i'd respond to them all here rather than individually bc they'd all mostly be me just like. yelling softly and saying thank u over and over again. really though, it means a lot to me to get feedback at all on my mixes, and especially to hear that they've helped people w some kind of creative pursuits/inspiration or something like that, so thank you so much for letting me know!!!